Apr 24, 2008

Tuesday April 29th 3-8pm

I will be at the Garden to continue working on turning the soil and making rows, and laying wood chips in the pathways. I will be at the farm from 3-8pm and I will bring shovels and hoes. Please bring your own gloves and any hand tools you think you will need. I am missing my pruning shears with wood handles from last Saturday's work party, and I have a few too many shovels left over. Please mark your tools with your name and phone number so we can get them back to you.

I already have some pumpkins, cukes, leeks, peppers, cilantro, peas and tomatoes started. Once the rows are ready, we will be able to plant some of these things right into the ground. We will need to construct a hoop house for the tomatoes and peppers, and if the Okra and Melons come up, we can put those in as well. If there are any construction people out there who would like to lend a hand with that, please contact me.

Hope to see you there!

Jayne Simmons

"Before" Pictures! - Looking North

"Before" Pictures! - Looking North
Longfellow in Feb 2008