May 7, 2008

Lots more to do!

I cleared out another bed of a wheel barrel's worth of weeds yesterday, and planted some kale, spinach, and chard starts thinned from my raised bed. Jayne came by and put in some more greens, but I think the bed next to her stuff (which is almost ready to harvest) is up for grabs. I was going to do some seeds, but ran out of time. Maybe this afternoon before I go to work. Be sure to use labels so folks don't plant where you did! 

Jayne turned up another bed last night which needs to be de-weeded. This was the bed that was machine tilled, and it seemed to do a great job in making the weeds grow back stronger than ever! If someone gets a chance to go by and pluck out the big dandelions and buttercup, that'd be awesome. I spent about 5 hours on it yesterday, which - while quite a pain - I think will really pay itself off in terms of fewer stuff to pull around the plants as they grow in the coming months.

For those of you who read the flyer I put up at Arlo's daycare - welcome! Please contact any of the folks linked here to get plugged in. I work crazy hours, but will try to answer any calls or e-mails as soon as possible. 


"Before" Pictures! - Looking North

"Before" Pictures! - Looking North
Longfellow in Feb 2008