May 9, 2010

Well, yesterday we had 6 people down at the garden, and worked one more row and half of another! Thanks Greg, Anita, Jeremiah, Arlo, Jayne And our spring into bed volunteer Mary Sue!!!!

On the way home I met with another neighbor who wants to help, so I told him he could weed the Rhubarb row when he has time, and we would work out what was to be planted there together. His son is in the culinary program at South Seattle Community College, so he is excited to grow the foods he is learning to cook.
So, I should explain what I have in mind for making your tasks easier in the garden each time you have a few hours or even 30 minutes to visit.  I would like any of the core members from previous years to step up and "adopt a row" to weed. We will all help get the row started, then whoever adopts that row will be responsible for implementing the plan that I (Jayne) have mapped out.  You can update me or directly onto the site (or facebook) to let us know what is going on with that crop. I hope this will be better for people who don't know what needs doing so they don't go and work.
The other thing we will need is harvesters when that time comes. The vegetables give more food when they are picked more often! We will have a lot of lettuces that will will start maturing into edible size (and will bolt if not harvested) around the same time, so we need to EAT THE FOOD WE PLANTED!! Another project that someone could take charge of is taking things to the food bank when we have abundance. I can work with you to let you know when that will be happening each week- enjoy the beautiful sunny day!

"Before" Pictures! - Looking North

"Before" Pictures! - Looking North
Longfellow in Feb 2008